Is Your Goat Milking Stand the Right Size? Let’s Find Out!

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Having a goat milking stand set up is extremely convenient if you're a goat owner. Not only are they perfect for milking your goats, but you can also use them if you need to give your goats shots, trim hooves, perform an ultrasound, or take blood. If you plan on making your goat milking stand or are in the market to purchase one, you might want to learn the proper dimensions beforehand.

The proper dimensions for a goat milking stand are as follows:

  • Height from floor to top of stanchion – 3.5– 4ft
  • Height from floor to top of the base – 18"
  • Width – 18 – 20"
  • Length – 36 – 48"
  • Base to the feeder – 12 – 18"
  • Ramp length – 4ft
  • Ramp width – 18"
  • Stanchion opening when closed – 4"

Knowing what size to look for is a good idea, whether you want to buy the perfect milking stand or build one yourself. Reading the dimensions listed above as they are might sound confusing, so a more detailed explanation would be helpful. Once you have this information, you can set up your perfect goat milking station while implementing essential safety procedures.

Goat Milking Stand Dimensions For A Proper Set Up

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Goat milking stands come in two primary materials: wood and metal. Overall, most stands that you can purchase will come in a similar size with pretty standard dimensions. One thing to note here is that you must ensure that you build or buy a goat stand that suits your needs. For example, a goat milking stand that is the perfect size for Nigerian Dwarfs might not be ideal if you only have Nubian-sized goats.

Before we get into the dimension details, let's first discuss some terminology, this will help us understand the areas we refer to when listing the dimensions.

  • Base: The area that your goat will stand on while you milk it;
  • Ramp: The walkway that will allow your goat to get from the floor onto the base;
  • Stanchion: The area where your goat's head will go through to access the container of food on the other side; you will be able to secure your goat's head here in a comfortable manner;
  • Feeder: The container holding food for your goat to munch on while you are milking them.

Full Height

The proper dimensions for a goat milking stand measured from the floor to the top area of the stanchion are approximately 3.5 – 4 feet (42 – 48 inches). These dimensions can vary by maker and necessity.

If you plan on making your goat milking stand and think you might require a taller one, you can comfortably increase these dimensions to 4.8ft (58"). This height increase will suit taller people.

Floor To Base

The dimensions for the height from the floor to the base should be 18 – 18.5" (1.5ft). Most goat milking stands will be 18", but you can customize if you feel you need the extra height.

Base Width

The proper dimensions for a goat milking stand base width are 18" (1.5ft).

Some stands come with an extra area on the side (typically the right side) which gives an additional 18" width and approximately 18" (1.5ft) in length that you can use as a seat while you are milking. This extra length would total the width near the stanchion to 36" (3ft) instead of 18".

Length From End To End

The variation here will depend on where you purchase your goat milking stand or if you have made one. On average, a goat will need 42" (3.5ft) to stand on, which means that a base will need to be between 42 – 48" (3.5 – 4ft), but if you have more miniature goats, you can get by with 36" (3ft).

Feeder Height

For best practice, you should have two feeder positions. The first should be approximately 12" (1ft) from the base, and the second should be 18" (1.5ft). This height plan will ensure you can accommodate different-sized goats on your milking stand.

Ramp Length And Width

Your ramp should be 48" (4ft) in length to ensure that your goats can easily climb onto the base, and its width should be 18" (1.5ft) to ensure the goat does not fall off the edge while walking up the ramp.

Stanchion Opening

Typically your stanchion will be made from two bars of wood, one of which will be in a fixed position, and the other will have a hinge that allows you to move it to the side to create a wider space. The inner distance should be 4" (0.3ft) when the bars are closed or locked.

This 4" space will comfortably fit your goat's neck without them feeling strangled while still preventing them from being able to pull their heads out.

Best Materials For Wooden Goat Milking Stand

If you are building a wooden goat milking stand, you should use 1" thick wooden boards. For the ramp frame and the leg braces, use 2 by 4" lumber, and for the leg frames, you should use 4 by 4" lumber.

Safety Precautions For Goat Milking Station

You must take several precautions to ensure that your goat's milk is free from contamination and bacteria. The following lists some vital precautions you should instill when milking your goats.

  • It is best to situate your goat milking stand on a concrete floor – this will ensure that you can keep the area clean;
  • Keep the milking stand in a position that allows you to walk around it – this will help you to ensure that your goat is happy and clean before and after milking;
  • Clean your milking stand before and after milking each of your goats;
  • Clean your goats by brushing them down on all sides to remove any debris, dirt, or loose hair before you start milking them;
  • Clean their udders before you milk them by washing them down with a clean cloth soaked in udder wash that has a chlorhexidine base;
  • Place a cloth on the floor before placing your milk pail; this will ensure that nothing from the floor sticks to the bottom.

Verdict: The Proper Dimensions For A Goat Milking Stand

Typically goat milking stands come in pretty standard dimensions, with a length of 36 – 48", a height of 42 – 48" from floor to top, 18" from floor to base, and a width of 18". You can tweak these dimensions to suit your unique circumstances. For instance, if you are taller, you might wish your stand's base to be higher from the ground.

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