Best Sheep Shearing machine under $200

Best Sheep Shearing Machines Under $200

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Finding the best sheep shearing machine on a budget, specifically under $200, might seem like quite the challenge. However, it's not impossible! Shearing sheep is an important part of keeping these animals comfortable and healthy. Still, it can be labor intensive and costly, especially if you have to pay someone else to do it for you!

The best sheep shearing machines under $200 are:

  • Sheep Shears Pro Heavy Duty Clippers
  • BEETRO Professional Sheep Shears
  • Pet & Livestock HQ Sheep Shears
  • YLCS Sheep Shearing Machine
  • Apelila Electric Clippers

If you have sheep, it's probably in your best interest if you have the time and money to invest in some sheep shearing equipment and learn to do it yourself.

Keep reading this article to find some sheep shearing machines and clippers that are perfect for making your annual shearing quick, convenient, and, most importantly won't break the bank.

The Best Sheep Shearing Machines Under $200

While it's essential always to have reliable equipment that is designed to handle the sheep's wool, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to shell out a ton of money.

If you're planning on shearing your own small flock, you can find a sheep shearing machine that is cost-effective and will still be sturdy enough to handle the job.

The products listed below are all under $200. They often come with additional products and equipment such as alternate blades that help make the shearing process that much easier.

An electric clipper that feels comfortable in the hands is a must-have. Especially if you've never sheared your sheep before. Some farmers choose to shear their sheep more than once a year, but for most farmer's it's common to keep shearing as an annual process.

However, this can mean that the sheep's wool can grow out longer and require more heavy-duty equipment to shear the wool. Remember, sheep's wool continuously grows and doesn't stop.

These Sheep Shears Pro electric clippers are great for beginners. The kit also includes two sets of blades that work at six different speeds!

The pros associated with the Sheep Shears Pro Heavy Duty Clippers include

  • Airflow ventilators prevent overheating
  • Alternative blades compatible with other animals like goats and llamas
  • Quiet motor
  • Good for heavy-duty jobs
  • Adjustable blade tension

There are just a couple of cons to keep in mind

  • Blades may dull quickly
  • Unable to adjust clipper length

The cord for these clippers is also about 18 feet long. A long cord comes in handy and can help make the entire shearing process more comfortable. With a longer cord, you're able to move around more easily without worrying if the cord will allow you to reach into all the places you need to.

Sheep Shears Pro 110V 500W Professional Heavy Duty Electric Shearing Clippers with 6 Speed, for Shaving Fur Wool in Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Other Farm Livestock Pet, with Grooming Carrying Case CE

Lastly, this sheep shearing clipper comes in a sturdy carrying case with a squeeze bottle for oil. This is a great way to help keep all your shearing products and needs in one place.

Whereas some clippers run on a lower amount of power and can be used on smaller animals like cats and dogs, these clippers are specifically for farm animals like sheep, alpacas, and goats.

With 550W of power and the ability to change between six different speeds, this is an excellent shearing machine.

An important thing to note about this clipper is that you must be careful not to keep it on for too long. It can overheat, which makes shearing more uncomfortable for the sheep and can reduce the lifespan of the machine.

There are a few advantages that this shearing machine has, including

  • Can be used on alpacas, goats, and sheep
  • Easy to assemble blades
  • High-powered
  • Multi-speed options

A few negative aspects of this product to keep in mind include

  • Specifically for livestock, not for use on Farmdogs or other animals
  • A heavier base can make it more difficult to control
  • Can overheat quickly if left idle

The speed and power of this machine make it one of the most efficient models to use. While shearing doesn't cause the sheep harm, it does tend to put them in a more uncomfortable state. It's a necessary part of taking care of sheep, but because of the stress it can cause, it's always best to shear the sheep as efficiently as possible.

It's not uncommon for small flock owners to earn extra cash from shearing the sheep of other small farmers nearby. Shearing can be a time-consuming process that's tough on the body. And with smaller flocks, it's usually quite a challenge to hire professional shearers willing to come out and shear a small flock. It's often not worth their time.

Suppose you feel like you have a good handle on shearing and plan to do a lot more of it for your neighbors. In that case, this sheep shearing electrical clipper is designed to offer the most comfortable and efficient experience.

This kit even includes a complimentary bottle of blade oil, which is an important part of keeping the blades lubricated and ready for a smooth application. This pair of clippers even has a rugged polymer body that is designed to reduce the vibration of the machine. This makes it even easier to keep the device steady, reducing the chance of cutting or tearing the sheep's skin.

These shears are a great choice for many reasons, including

  • Rugged build creates balanced comfort in the hands and joints
  • Airflow vents to keep blades cool, preventing burns
  • Good power for thick or matted coats
  • Strong motor prevents tearing and pulling on the hair

Some drawbacks of this machine may include

  • May not be ideal for large flocks
  • Not suitable for small animals like dogs

The best part of this product is the amount of time it can save. You can save your back and joints from a lot of stress while also reducing the amount of hassle that the shearing process can be.

Pet & Livestock HG is also known for its exceptional customer service and dedication to its customers. If there's ever a problem with a machine, they are ready and willing to resolve it.

Reviewers of this product have raved about the time and money that this electrical clipper has saved them. This electrical clipper is definitely worth the money at less than one hundred and fifty dollars if you have a small flock or only a few animals that you need to shear once a year. Shearing season is going to be that much easier if you have a machine like this one.

Certain breeds of sheep, such as Corriedale or Merino, can grow extremely heavy and thick wool or coats. If those are the type of sheep you have, this electric clipper from Homemari is highly recommended.

When it comes to durability, this machine is one of the best. It is built to last without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in a larger kit like a few other options listed in this article.

It's an excellent option for anyone who is shearing sheep for a while and is ready for a new electric clipper but may not need the extra blades or other accessories that often come with beginner sets.

As this machine is fast and durable, it's not suitable for smaller animals or house pets. This is definitely a great option for intermediate shearers. Still, beginners will also find it a good choice if the wool they're looking to shear is extremely thick.

The Homemari Sheep Shearing Machine is an effective option thanks to these advantages

  • Speed up to 2400 RPM
  • Professional grade and heavy duty
  • Six adjustable speeds
  • Fan to prevent overheating
  • Ergonomic with comfortable handle

There aren't many cons to this shearing machine, but here are just a couple to be mindful of

  • It does not include extra blades or combs

Thick wool can be pretty valuable and is worth collecting and selling if you're able to. It's definitely on the higher end of a $200.00 budget. However, given that it is designed especially for thick wool and has high durability, it's a machine that is meant to last and make it through numerous tough jobs quickly and efficiently.

According to the product description, it'll only take about one hour to shear about ten sheep with this electric clipper from Apelila! So if you own a small flock and are looking for an excellent electric clipper for your first time shearing your sheep, this one is a great option.

Suppose you have a small flock of sheep and a small herd of other animals like goats or llamas. In that case, this machine is flexible and durable enough to get the job done for multiple animals. One machine that can work for various purposes is always a big plus, especially for someone managing a small farm.

Many farmers choose to use these clippers for sheep shearing because

  • Warranty included
  • Good for beginners
  • Can be used on small pets and farm animals
  • Wear-resistant blade

Some drawbacks to consider before purchasing include

  • Produces a lot of noise
  • Can overheat quickly
  • The heavy base can make it difficult for larger flocks

An electric clipper like this one helps get multiple jobs done without putting too much stress on the budget. It's less than one hundred dollars! That's definitely worth the money if you have a few different types of animals that need to be sheared but don't want to spend a lot of money on a machine you only plan to use once a year.

Sheep Shearing Machines - Quick Reference Table

Product Name

Motor Power

Variable Speed


Sheep Shears Pro Heavy Duty Clippers


6 Speed

up to 2400

BEETRO Professional Sheep Shears


6 Speed

up to 2600

Pet & Livestock HQ Sheep Shears



up to 2500

Homemari Sheep Shearing Machine


6 Speed

up to 2400

Apelila Electric Clippers


6 Speed

up to 2800

Shear Your Sheep Yourself!

While the shearing process can be a laborious one that can also require an initial investment in the necessary equipment, shearing your sheep has some apparent benefits.

If you're looking at different shearing machines and wondering if it's worth it, here are some benefits of shearing your own sheep:

Main Benefits:

  • You have Greater control over the time
    Depending on your location or how large a flock you have, it may be harder to schedule an appointment with a professional to shear all of your sheep. With a machine of your own, you can control when the sheep get sheared and collect the wool.
  • Sheep are not the only animals that need to be sheared, and if you're looking to add more animals like llamas or goats to your farm, then having your own shears will be very useful.
  • Flexible location
    With an electric shearing machine, you can shear your sheep wherever you please as long as there is a power socket nearby to plug it in.
  • More budget-friendly option
    A professional shearer, on average, costs $200 to shear ten sheep. Therefore, buying a shearing machine can save you money and give you a quick return on investment.

Apart from the high cost of hiring a professional sheep shearer, some of them won't even agree to shear the flocks that are less than 15 sheep.

This is another reason many farmers with small flocks find it a better option to purchase their own equipment and shear their sheep themselves. It's highly recommended to attend sheep shearing school to learn the best techniques and get a good amount of practice before shearing your own sheep.

You need to learn the best way to shear sheep so that the process runs smoothly, and you leave as little margin for error as possible.

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Why You Need a Great Sheep Shearing Machine?

If you've never sheared a sheep yourself before, then it can be a bit intimidating. You don't want to irritate sheep's skin or cause cuts because that can make them uncomfortable and possibly hurt them. Apart from that, you also want to make sure that you're taking off the wool smoothly and efficiently.

A quality shearing machine or electric clipper is a must-have tool, especially for beginners. Investing in sturdy and reliable clippers with sharp blades and a thick comb is the best first step in preparing for the shearing season.

Here are a few reasons to invest in a quality shearing machine:

  • Reduce shearing times, improving efficiency
  • Less stress on the body
  • Less tugging on the wool and therefore more comfortable for the animal
  • Lower recurring or maintenance costs. With a quality machine, you only have to worry about replacing the blades, which are relatively inexpensive.

With the right tools and a bit of guidance, you'll feel confident and ready to shear your sheep this summer.

What to Look for in a Shearing Machine?

Most shearing machines are made up of the same basic parts: the handle, the blade, and the comb. However, many come with extra materials like a carrying case, a squeeze bottle for oil, and spare blades. If you're a beginner and shopping for your first shearing machine, one of these kits is likely to provide everything you need. 

It is also worth paying attention to some key details about the shearing machine itself. Here are some features and aspects of shearing machines you should look out for when shopping:

Air vent included

Prolonged use of the machine can cause it to overheat, making the animal more uncomfortable and the machine harder to use. An air vent will prevent the machine from overheating, creating a much easier shearing experience.

Long power cord

Shearing requires placing the animals in multiple positions. A machine with a longer cord will make it easier to maneuver your and the animal's body throughout the entire process.

High-powered motor

When paired with a high-powered motor, Sharp and well-oiled blades will definitely help the machine glide down the skin achieving those long and smooth strokes that you want. This is especially helpful if you plan to gather the wool and sell it or use it later.

Make sure to keep an eye out for these features as you shop around for a shearing machine. A quality machine with these key elements will help you become a more confident shearer. When you feel good about the equipment you're using, you can get the job done much more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

The best advice many sheep shearers offer is not to be afraid or shaky with your movements. Shearing the sheep is a vital part of maintaining their health. And the wool itself can also be a valuable product. The best way to avoid making mistakes is to use equipment you're comfortable with and move with stable assured motions.

Once the process is complete, you'll have plenty of wool at your disposal, and the sheep will be ready for a relaxed and comfortable summer season.

Good luck 🙂

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